Move & Motivate

Life is hard. It provides no promises of success, wealth, or health. It is so important to keep working for all those things you want out of your life. But even in your grind, there will be challenges, road blocks and hurdles.  These things can stop you and make you want to quit working toward our goals. It is important to find motivation. So, when these moments arise you can draw strength from that motivating force in your life.  I have experience both the ups and downs working in this fashion industry. It’s been a very emotional and draining journey at times.  When these times arrive, I look to the things that keep me motivated and moving.

God- Believing in a higher power than myself gives me strength to know that I can achieve my goals. I am reminded that with His power I’m greater than my temporary circumstance.

Family- Not only do they encourage me to keep pushing when I want to give up, they give me a reason to achieve. I’m motivated to be an example of hard work, creativity, success, determination, etc. I hope that my drive with motivate them to do the same.

The Success of Others– I am reminded that my goals are attainable when I see others rise from their circumstances to achieve great success. 

Haters- There will always be nay-sayers. But I really try not to spend too much time around this group of pessimists. I will say that hearing a nay motivates me to say yes! I look at it as a challenge to prove them all wrong.

Previous Successes-Whenever I feel like I can’t achieve something, looking back on my previous successes, blessings, and achievements are a perfect reminder that I can face my current challenge. It is a great testament to my abilities, talents, and gifts.

The Creativity of Others- For some reason creativity sparks creativity.  When I see the innovation of others it brings to mind a world of possibilities.



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