What I love about fashion


I’m not really sure how I become to love fashion so much. I want to blame it on the women in my life that exposed me to the various aspects and introduced me to this world. But even now that I’m much older I have cultivated this affection the colors, textiles, shapes, patterns, and so on. Fashion is such an amazing concept. Here is what I really love about fashion:

Transforming- Fashion is constantly changing and evolving. It’s exciting to see new concepts or revised old ones hit the stores, runways, and magazines.

Self-Expression- Fashion is a wonderful way to make a statement about yourself, what you believe, or what you hope for in life. It allows a person to show their insides without saying a word.

Creativity– I love the creativity of it all. From the designers, to the stylist, to the everyday lady that is wearing the garment. I love to see what great combinations people will put together when they are working with fashion.

The Help– Fashion/Clothing is a great way to assist some of the thing you may not want to flaunt about your body. By using vertical strips, dark colors, or even wild patterns you can easily, distract, deflect, minimize, or hide those things you’re just not ready to show off.

Always Right– Despite what experts say, I really believe that there is not right and wrong to fashion. It’s whatever you want to be. Of course morals, expectations, and etiquette always interfere. But fashion can be worn how, when, and wherever you want it to go.


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