Sleeveless in the Winter
You have the perfect shoes, purse and jewelry to go with the cute dress. It’s the dead of winter and as much as you want to wear it, it’s much too cold to take it outdoors right now.  The dreaded sleeveless dress is a seasonal woe when you want to wear it out of season. But don’t get discouraged. There are some simple style ideas you can try to help you get your sleeveless dress out the house. The key is to add layers.
Tights and boots– My first tip would be to cover up those legs and feet.  Find a great pair of thick tights to keep you warm and to add to your style.  And boots are just a seasonal must. Find a pair that will compliment your dress.
Skirt it- you can flip your style and wear your dress as just a skirt.  Add a warm pull over sweater on top of your dress and wear it as a two piece style.
Tanks & Camisole– As I said, layers are key.  Start with a good base to keep you warm.  By adding a tank top or a camisole under your dress you have a great base for staying warm even without sleeves.
Turtlenecks–  Add sleeves to your sleeveless dress. Depending on the style of the dress you may be able to add a turtle neck shirt underneath. Match up the colors or create a contrast with using this basic winter staple.
Button up– You can also add sleeves to your style by layering a blouse underneath your dress.
Cardigan– Maintain the total look of your dress and add open cardigan.  You can even opt for a long cardi to keep you warm from shoulders to your ankles.

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