The Shoe Fits

Almost every day as I ‘m getting dressed I struggle with finding the right shoe to go with my outfit. I have a pretty good number of shoes and I must admit that they are not as organized as they could be. But, I know I have plenty of options to choose from. There have also been many days that I’ve gotten dressed, walked out the door, only to look down at my feet and wonder why I choose such an off shoe. But like a bolt of lightning I realized why I’m having such a difficult time choosing the right shoes for my outfits (besides my lack of shoe organization). I’m not buying the right shoes. There are certain shoes every lady should own to make her life just a little easier every day. I discovered that if you have these shoe staples you will never go wrong.

Basic black heel (4 inches max)

Black flat boot

Black high heel boot

Black ballet shoe

Black sandal

Brown flat boot

Brown heel boot

Light Brown sandal

Neutral/Nude colored heel (near your skin tone)

Neutral/Nude colored flat/ballet shoe

Red heel

Pair of white tennis shoes

Navy loafers

Something off beat, bold colored, wild (that shows off your wild side


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