Favorite 5 Solonge


One of my favorite modern fashion icons is Solonge. I love the sheik urban feel of the styles she rocks on the red carpet, runway, and street. As she’s matured so has her style and I truly feel that her fashion expresses who she is and how she feels. She’s not afraid to be different and she does different well.


Of course the wedding day look would make the favs. The non-traditional style of her wedding dress is simply classic. The simple cut is only enhanced by the cape and the gold cuffs. I love this look.


Monochromatic is never boring when you wear it this way. The transitional shades of orange-red makes this outfit rich with color. And the fur adds dimension and texture to this simple style.


This is great twist on a retro style. The textures, colors, and cuts are all very different but perfectly complement each other.


The great thing about this style is it something anyone can do. The mixture if patterns and colors a perfect for a spring day.


So, this dress really sums it all up. Simple, classic, sexy style. No need for a bunch of embellishment. This look is a stand alone winner.


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