Fashion Comfort


Some days I just don’t feel like getting all dressed up. When I have a day full of errands, pick-ups, drops offs, and so on, I just don’t see the need to put on my Sunday best. But, of course I don’t want to run out the house not looking like my usual stylish self. LOL. Every woman needs a selection of items that she can go to in order to fulfill both comfort and style requirements. Here’s some of the items I recommend you keep in stock for these sort of days:

Leggings– You must have a few of these handy, especially a black pair. These are a great go-to for a number of comfortable fashion styles.   However, always be mindful to purchase leggings that are thick enough to provide you the support and coverage you need. (No see through leggings!)

Boyfriend Jeans-OMG these are so great! I love the idea of putting on a loose pair of jeans. Boyfriend cut is a simple style that allows room to move around unrestrained. They are also a simple staple that easily pairs with a number of other fashion items.

Hoodie- For a long time I wasn’t really attracted to buying hoodies. They just seemed a bit too casual for me. Now that I’m a little older, I recognize that hoodies are wonderful go-to on those cooler days. And now, fashion designers have upped that ante with a variety of colors and embellishments.  We ladies have a variety of options for casual style.

Graphic T- Your fashion can say something without you saying a word. Graphic T-s are a great way to make a fashion statement. If you are feeling a bit daring you can dress it up and wear it on a more than casual day.

Flannel Shirts– I am so glad that this fashion style has made its way back around. Flannel shirts are such a cozy concept for fall and winter fashion.

Flat Boots– This is definitely a fashion staple every woman needs. However, before you rush out to buy a pair, make sure that you start with the basics. Having a black and a brown pair give you more options for styles.

Chucks-There is nothing like a crisp pair of Chuck Taylor Converse. They are comfortable and trendy. The other great thing about these shoes is that there are so many color options and varieties to purchase. You can’t go wrong with at least a black and a white pair in your closet.

Plain White T-This is a classic fashion staple. This is really a great go-to when you need to throw together a comfortable but stylish outfit. A plain white t-shirt is a great base for building your style. And it can be paired with a wide variety of other fashion items.


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