Mix It Up


Striped Shirt Hanging on Gray Wire Between Beige Painted Wall Building during Daytime

When I buy clothing I typically wear the items as it is labeled. If I find a top then I wear it as a top, only a top. But when my creative self-starts stirring, I’ve discovered that there are a number of ways to wear clothing items other than how they are labeled.

Sweater over a dress-This works especially well in the cooler months with sleeveless or short sleeve dresses that you wish you could wear year around.

Button up blouse- You can always leave it open and wear it as cardigan. I love this style with long, patterned, or bold colored blouses.

Tie tops/sweaters around waist-Who said you have to wear your shirt on your torso? Tie your top or light weight sweater around your waist to add a casual element to your style.

Tunics as dresses-Show off those legs girl! Add stockings and a pair of flats to rock your tunic as a short dress.

Maxi skirts as dresses-Pull that thang up! Use your long maxi skirt as a sleeveless dress. Add a belt, cardigan, or jacket to create a great winter look.

Cardigan as a shirt-When it’s an especially cool day, wear the cardigan as a shirt. Make the cardigan you’re first layer to keeping warm.

Short dresses as tops- Put on a pair of leggings or jeans and wear your mini dresses as a tunic top.

Scarves- This fashion items is so versatile. If it’s long enough, you can wear a scarf as a belt. You can twist and tie it around your neck. You and wrap it around your hear and tie it into a head band. Or if it’s wide enough you can wear it as a wrap. If you play with it long, enough you will find many stylish uses for a scarf.


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