Funny Valentines

Valentines Day is right around the corner. It’s time to start putting together cute outfits for your mid-week date night. When it some to this festive holiday, it’s always instinctual to want to slide into a red dress. But there are so many other options and colors to consider for your Valentine’s Day outing.

White- I love the idea of winter white for this holiday. It’s versatile and elegant. It makes for a great base to build a festive outfit.

Black– Put on that LBD. Having a few accents or embellishments with your black can also add a bit of sexy to your outfit. This Valentines try out something with black sheer or lace clothing accents.

Pink-Any tint of this color will do. Whether you prefer blush or bubble gum, pink is a great girly way to go.

Maroon-I know it just seems like your wearing a darker shade of red. But maroon definitely gives a different feel to your outfit. This color is great for the evening hours.


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