Method to My Madness

As  you know I love thrifting. But I also understand the frustrations of those that hate to shop at second hand stores. It can be very difficult to find the things your truly want or need. You are always on a treasure hunt every time your enter a thrift shop.  But I’ve learned to create a method for getting what I want and shopping in a way that won’t frustrate me out of the store.  Now that’s not to say that thrifting doesn’t take patience. But, you can lower your stress levels if you develop a way to shop that works for you.  Here’s my method.


Grab a Basket-Every time!  You may be just looking or one thing and find a host of items your truly love.  Always grab a basket.


Go to the section– What did you come to get?  Go to that section first. If you have time, you can explore the other sections of the store later.

Have  your list- Make sure your have a paper or mental list handy so that you can stay focused and go directly to what  you need or are looking to buy.



Go to each aisle– In the section  you’re shopping, be sure to visit each aisle.  You never know if the item you’re looking for is in the aisle you decided to skip.



Hand over-When I’m shopping in the clothing section I get exhausted with sliding hanger after hanger across the rack. so I just run my hand over the top of each garment. this allows me to focus on the colors, textures, patterns and materials that I want to observe more closely.



Check the tags-When I find the item(s) that I want, I check the tag right away for the price and/or size.  I need to make sure the item I truly something I intend to purchase.



Throw it in– When it comes to clothing, accessories, or shoes, I throw all my selected items in the basket. Now, that doesn’t mean I’ll purchase them all. but it gives me time to think things over and try things on.



Try it on– this is one of the commandments of thrift fashion shopping. You must try everything on. most stores don’t accept returns or exchanges.



Dressing room sections-As I try items on, I also divide my dressing room into to sections. One section for items I want, another for items I don’t want, and a final section for maybes. 



Go back to your list- check yourself and your list to see if you actually bought what you intended.  Are you still in your budget with the items you’ve selected?  Do you truly want or need the items you’ve decided to purchase?



Off to check out!



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