I Wish I Had Her…

I don’t think of myself as an envious person. Nor do I walk around with a covetous attitude.  I think as women we should complement and encourage each other. Every woman possess beauty in her own way. And each of us has features that are beautiful.  But as you all know, there are moments when we wish we could possess attributes of another’s beauty.  I see women all the time and I wish I had her… Not that I don’t love my own. But hers just seems to look so much better than mine. LOL When it comes to celebrities this is especially true. 
I wish I had her:
Hair: I had to think about this one of a minute. In Hollywood so many women hair added to their overall look. It’s hard to know what’s real. But it think I would like to have the hair of YaYa DaCosta. This actress/model has big beautiful hair. It’s versatile and full and I love it!
Butt: I would definitely opt for Sanaa Latham’s backside.  It is just enough to make a pencil skirt pop.  Maybe if I do some more squats I can get this look as well.
Smile: Gabrielle Union. I wouldn’t mind her skin either.  Ever since her early acting years I thought, she had a gorgeous smile. It definitely lights up her face. And her dimples just make it even better

Wardrobe: OMG there are so many ladies I want to list under this one.  I can’t just pick one. But off the top of my head I’d choose Solonge, Tracee Ellis Ross, Taraji P. Henson, and so on. 
Arms: This was definitely a toss-up between two, Michelle Obama and Angela Bassett.  Both these ladies have great tone and definition to their arms. But what’s even better is that they are still able to maintain very feminine looks even with their muscle structure.
Legs: I’m a shorty so I’m always up for a great pair of long legs.  Tina Turner back in her hay day had legs to die for.  I wish my modern day legs looks as great as her did 20+ years ago.

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