Why I Have Not Thrifted


As much as I love thrift shopping for great fashion deals, I haven’t taken a trip to my favorite thrift stores in quite some time. It’s been so long that I even questioned myself as to the reason. Without even realizing, I’ve been going through withdrawals. It’s definitely time for a thrift fix. However, I did take a step back to figure out what had been holding me back from my love of thrifting.

The Holidays! Things are finally starting to calm down. Since Thanksgiving, it has been non-stop hustle and bustle. I definitely had been shopping but not thrift. I tend not to thrift when it comes to Christmas and birthday gifts. After all the regular retail store shopping, I needed a break. I decided to take some time to recover. I didn’t really have any desire to shop at all. Fighting through crowds, over parking, sorting through heaps of disheveled racks and waiting in long lines just wore me out. I didn’t want to see another store.

I also hadn’t been thrifting due to my life long weight loss goals. As I do every year, I’ve declared to lose weight. I don’t want to continue to shop for clothing that is bigger than I want my body to be. Sometimes it can be real discouraging when you can’t fit that item you really love. I decided to take a bit of a break so work on my body size and image before I return to the thrift scene.

Lastly, I’ve been super busy. As many of you know Closet Keepsakes hosted the 2017 I’m A Diva Event. This event takes a lot of time and planning. It doesn’t leave me much time for shopping. So, I decided to wait until things cool down and the event was over to return to my favorite thrift spots.

My love for thrifting hasn’t changed. After all of that, I am ready to get back out there and start searching for great deals. My thrifting drought is over.


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