Favorite 5: Tracee Ellis Ross


Just like her famous mother, she has remarkable style. Tracee Ellis Ross isn’t afraid to add a bit of the unusual to her fashion. Whether casual or gracing the red carpet, Tracee is always flaunting a great personal style. Though it’s very difficult to pick just five, here are a few of her style this caught my eye.


I love this dress. They cut the colors and pattern is a perfect combination. And though it definitely has a vintage feel, The wide studded belt was added to make a modern statement.


It’s like a stylish Snuggie. I see so many style possibilities for this blue hoodie dress. The simple display is a great and comfortable look that can go almost anywhere.





Who where’s orange on the red carpet? Tracee! though orange is not a color that I’m drawn to, I think this dress is a great compliment to her skin tone. The shape and style a modern and classy. But the color changes the game.



Mama knows best. Though Diana is sharing the spot light in this one, I can neglect to add this one to my list. I love the simple, sexy, style of this dress. Its fitted and a bit revealing (in the back). Even the neutral coloring adds to the greatness of this fashion look.


Street style anyone? Adding black platforms and bag to this gold number gives it a more casual look. Though I probably wouldn’t flaunt this to the grocery store, I can definitely see this as a Friday date night look.


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