Iconic Hairstyles I Love


Hair can be such a critical part of fashion & personal style. Some people are identified by what’s happening on top of their head. Over the years some classic hair styles have graced the covers of magazines, films, commercials and even album covers. Though I may not mimic them all, there are a few that definitely have caught my attention


Tina Turner-When you see this hair you know right away to whom it belongs. Though the look is much more tame these days. The golden brown spikes of Ms. Turner is a look that definitely draws attention


Marilyn Monroe-The platinum finger waves and pin curls has been duplicated on several occasions. This look is classic and classy. It compliments both dressy and casual fashion styles.



Halle Berry– I couldn’t wait to run out a get my hair cut like this actress/model. Her style is both soft and sassy. It’s difficult to image her leaving this style behind.


Janet Jackson (Poetic Justice box braids)- Janet goes through a host of hairstyles. But one that just stands out is from her character Justice in the classic 90’s film. Not only was this look a hot trend then, it has returned to a new generations of braided heads.


Janelle Monet-Ok so who didn’t love or try to emulate her funky pompadour style. The mixture of both feminine and masculine elements makes this a great look or almost any occasion.


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