Fashion Advice to my Teenage Self
Now that I’m hitting the middle age of life, I often think back to my fashion choices.  Some of them were really good, way before my time. But to be honest I had quite a few fashion choices that I would like to erase from the record. I wish I could go back and do some things differently or even hold on to some things that I lost along the way. If I was having a fashion conversation with my former teenage self I’d say:
Be fearless– Great fashion seems to form from fearless people. They are not afraid to take risks or to be different.  They also tend to have a look all their own. Their personal style is as unique as they are as a person.
Hold on to that one-Over time I’ve acquired some pretty great pieces of clothing and accessories. But thinking that the trends have changed and certain items have taking their turn in the span of fashion, I threw out some really cute items.   I definitely would encourage my teenage self to hold one to those unique pieces that are now hard to find.
Know and dress to my shape-Now that I’m older I realize how important this concept is to the overall look of any outfit. But when I was younger I just wanted to wear the latest trend, not giving any thought to how it actually looked on my body. 
Look for thrift treasures-Like many young folks, I hated going to the thrift store. I wanted the brand new rack item. But I now know that thrift stores hold a wealth of both vintage and trendy items. This would have saved both my parents and me a lot of money.
Take good care of yourself-It is so important to protect and take care of both your insides and out.  Be confident, strong, and appropriate. Maintain your beauty and your health. 

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