Fashion Soundtrack: March

Time to get dressed. And music is the key to move and motive my style many mornings. This month I’ve found a few new tunes to add to my list. These tunes have me feeling my fashion before I get dressed.

Don’t Touch My Hair- Solonge- It’s just good to know that someone gets it. And for the first time on such a large scale made this declaration to the public. I’m feeling my twist and curls every time I hear this tune.

Shining- Beyonce ft. Jay-Z- Time to start warming up the blood and start moving. When you walk out the house this song expresses exactly how I want to feel, like I’m shinning.

U+Me– Mary J. Blige-This singer always knows how to move my body, mood, and soul.

All the Way Up– Fat Joe ft. Remy Ma-Time to elevate and grind. As I prepare for my day this song leads the way to productivity and success.

I’m Better– Missy Elliot-Its just a great reminder of my own evolution and growth.


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