Celebrity Transformation I Love


It seems as though celebrities are always changing up their look/style. Us normal folks are always anticipating the new and latest trend that will hit the red carpet, stage or screen. But every now and then a really great transformation takes comes along the really shocks us. And we’re all wowed by the new celebrity look. Here are a few of my favorite transformations.

Viola Davis– This one is definitely at the top of my list. I don’t know who had the bright idea to make this transformation but it was definitely for the best. I love her new look. Shedding the extensions and adding a bit of color to her natural hair was a great style move. The new look brightens her features and makes her look more youthful.

Solonge– I can remember the moment when she actually showed off her big chop. I know she shocked the world. With a sister who is famous for golden locks dancing across her back, I was a courageous move to shave all hers off. I have to admit it took be a while to adjust to the new style but with her hair cut came a new evolution of personal style that is funky, unique and trendy.

Jennifer Hudson– I know she was just looking for a healthier body and lifestyle but Jennifer’s style evolved when the shedding of a few pounds. She definitely became less restricted. Her style became more sexy, youthful, and stylish.

Angela Bassett– What’s love got to do with it? Apparently everything. After staring in this big screen flick, her style began to blossom and evolve. She chopped off her locks, toned up and began to strut her stuff. Her change shows that great style knows no age.



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