Spring Cleaning


It’s that time of year again. That’s right it’s time to start shedding the old to make room for the new. There’s no better to prepare for the change of season than to start cleaning out your closet. I realized it was about that time when I could no longer push hangers over to make room for my new thrift finds. That’s a sure sign of having just too much stuff. But I’m willing to purge and start the process of changing out fashion items. As I go through this process I realized that I had to ask come really important questions to know what to keep and what to trash

Does it still fit-Ok, so I know we’re still working toward our fitness goals for the summer when we all start baring skin. But be realistic about your clothing and where your at in your fitness goals. I know I have items still in my closet from my size 5 days. I’m not even working to be this small again. So, there’s no point in keeping these garments around.  

Do you have the classics?- It is always a good idea to keep these around. Having a closet of classic fashion staples is key to creating a host of styles.

How close are you to the new season?- Yes we’re spring cleaning but the season has not fully changed yet. You can start sorting and packing your fall and winter items but be sure to leave a few hanging around for those cooler days that may arise throughout the month.

What’s worn, torn & tattered?- If the clothing is stained, torn, broken, or tattered then it’s time to let go. The truth is you’re not wearing this item because of the imperfections. It’s time to be real with yourself and admit that its time to let go.

How many times did you wear it?- I don’t know about you bot there are items in my closet that I’ve never worn. Not because I just purchased them but just because. Ok so there’s no good reason as to why these items haven ‘t been worn. I just know that after a few years of untouched hanger time, I either need to put it in the rotation or give them up.

How many do you have? I try not to do this but I know plenty of ladies that make it a practice. If you have a shelf full of the same exact or similar garments then you may want to let one of them or some of them go. Make room for some variety in your closet space.

Do you still like it?- Do you still love the item as much as you did when you first saw it in the store? Are the items hanging in your closet still fit your personality, sense of style, or lifestyle? As you move into different phase of life, your taste in clothing will change. Don’t be afraid to let go of the past and move one to new clothing and styles.


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