Favorite 5: Shannon Sharpe


I don’t know much about the sport or history of football. But every now and then when I happen upon half time commentary I’ve noticed this man that’s attire stands out from his peers. His style is unique, trendy, and conventionally, untraditional. Of course, I had to inquire his name, but I did not forget the style or face.  Shannon Sharpe’s style is exactly that, SHARP!  Though I have mostly seen him from the chest up, he has made the list of favorite 5’s.
Chocolate in pink and chocolate. Now typically I’m not a huge fan of men in pink, but I love this look.  It not only embodies rich colors, it is a great balance of textures and patterns. The corduroy blazer and the plaid tie give this look dimension and sets it apart from everyday style.
 Okay so I found a picture that included a little more of his style.  But as you notice even with a classic suit, Sharpe brings a bit of his own style. Both the sunglasses and the Pepsi watch add some fun flare.
Besides the fact that he’s flaunting my favorite color, blue, I simple adore this look. This style is almost too rich for a sports cast.  Once again, Sharpe is flaunting such a fluid mixtures of textures and patterns. All in various tones of blue.  His navy velvet blazer is a great topper for the paisley tie.
What can I say? This guy does velvet well.  I love this eggplant blazer just as much at the navy one.  Though this look is casual the lush material give the simple look a new dimension.
 Ok so I know this seems crazy, but I couldn’t just pick one.  So, please excuse me and count these three as my fifth favorite.  I love the plaid shirt on all these looks.  The combinations of these looks show off great contrast, variety and style creativity. I love it!

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