Express Yourself 


Have you ever seen another lady wearing something you really love but your say to yourself, “ I could never wear something like that.”? And of course there are a million reasons/excuses as to why that item or outfit is not for you. Or perhaps you’re secretly envious of that sister, friend, co-worker who always wears unique items that perfectly suit their personality or lifestyle. Don’t you wish you could be that fashionably free? Well, you can. A lot of times we make this task really complicated.

What do you like?-Look through magazines, search the web or take notes from everyday life to see what colors, textures, shapes, materials that really draw your attention.

Know your body-I know I keep pushing this topic but it’s very important when it comes to fashion. But this time I’m not just talking about your body shape. It’s important to know the parts you want to highlight as well as the areas you wish to hide. This will be a great guide to knowing what clothing will flatter your body.

Open your mind– With a blank mental opinion, go try it on. Don’t imagine what you want it to look like. Don’t think about what it may look like on another lady. Just try it on and see where it leads you.

Work it out– Certain items may not be able to be worn as is and suit your desired look. Don’t be afraid to make those necessary changes. Wear that item in a way that suits you.

Feel yourself- Does your outfit contain any elements that express parts of your personality. What does your clothing say about you? Buy and wear clothing that makes a statement about your passions, dreams, desires, goals, or current circumstance.

Remember clothing does define you. It only expresses what’s within.


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