Stay Dry

I thought we’d moved pass the winter down pour of rain. I’d completely forgot about the whole, April Showers, May Flowers, thing. And when I got caught slacking, it started raining again. I know I’m one of many women who’ve had the experience of running frantic through the parking lot of some, restaurant, store, or business trying to dodge the falling water. I’m now trying to better prepare for these moments with fashion items to keep my head dry.

Head Wrap

This is one of my favorite go-to’s. All that’s needed is a yard of fabric (or scarf). I try to keep black handy so I don’t have to worry much about matching. I throw this on with some creative twists and knots to create a fashionable but dry head look.


This is the most obvious one. But why not have fun with it. Incorporate a fun, classic or trendy hat into your look.   That way you don’t look caught off guard; you look stylishly prepared.


This is great for those casual days. Or even for that moment when you need a quick cover up.


I’m not referring to the do-rag look. I’m referring to the classic vintage look. Having a long glamourous scarf to quickly wrap over your do looks feminine. Add a pair of shades and your channeling Hollywood style.


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