October Soundtrack

WWW.CLOSETKEEPSAKES.COM My music mood has been weird this month. I’ve been drawn to a mix of both old and new, Jazz, R&B, and Rap.  Here’s what I’m rocking to this month.   Loyalty, Kendrick Lamar ft. Rihanna– Oh my!  This whole album is the bomb! This is one of my favorites out right now. It’s […]

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So Unpretty

Maintaining beauty is just one of the many pressures that women in society often face and a have to address at some point in their lives. The pressures of fitting into a culture that often defines a woman’s worth by the way she dresses, her body is shaped, hair is styled or her make-up is […]

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Sheer Options

http://www.closetkeepsakes.com Sheer clothing is a classic staple. From tops, dresses, skirts even work out gear elements of sheer appear on the racks of retail stores. For those who love the look but are a bit shy, having a base to layer under sheer garments are essential. Here are a few options to keep you covered. […]

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