Upgrade Your Basics Pt 1

I truly feel that the foundation of a great wardrobe is having fashion basics in your personal inventory.  Basics are classic transitional clothing items that can be worn and paired with a number of garments.  But in order to consistently create a truly “put together look” you may have to upgrade your basics. As you routinely change out your basic items, consider upgrading a few of them for a more stylish look.


Basic: White/Black T-shirt

Upgrade: Camisole or Tank top

Adding a different texture to your basic top can create a more interesting look. Simple but classic additions like lace or satin and add a feminine touch to your style. And since tank tops and camisoles can easily be a base to a layered look, you can style it in a variety of ways.


Basic: Black Leggins

Upgrade: Black Denim with Spandex

Denim has a more durable look. But if you are in need of the comfort that leggins provide, then wearing jeans made with spandex is a perfect space between both worlds. When shopping don’t forget to read the label to see if the jeans will provide the support, comfort and style your wardrobe needs.


Basic: White Blouse/Button up

Upgrade: Structured tops

 Now this one is a bit tricky. Depending on the style of the blouse or structure added, this can be more trendy than basic.  Having a structured top, even if its plain ole white can create an interesting focal point or provide clean lines for your intended style.



Upgrade: Tailored Blazers/Slacks

This is extremely important when thrift shopping, simply because you most often will not have a variety of sizes to select from. But, whenever you find a blazer or a pair of slacks that you love, you want to make sure they fit properly.  Well fitted items provide a well put together look.  So, do not hesitate you take your thrift purchases to your local dry cleaners or seamstress to take in, let out, or hem up your fashion items.


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