In & Out of Season (What to buy now)


Winter will be coming to an end soon, but now is the time for the shopping to begin. While most ladies are out shopping for the new spring fashion, many forget that now is the perfect time to shop for the winter as well. Yes, I did say winter. While most stores are clearing out the winter items to make room for the spring inventory, sales on winter items are popping up everywhere.  This is a great time to get great deals on a few great items.

Boots- This one may not drop as much…yet. Mainly because spring also brings about the rainy season in some areas.  But it’s a wonderful time to start looking out for sales and clearances on boots especially those that are not necessarily great for the downpour.


Sweaters-Especially those that have a thicker knit. Clearances for this winter staple are everywhere. As I always say, Check the back of the store first for clearance and sale items. Make sure to add this winter staple to your list.

Coats-Add this one to your list as well.  Even stores such as Burlington Coat Factory will have this one on sale. Take advantage of the discounts and stock up for next year. 


Scarves-Much like the boots you’ll have to be on the lookout for good deals.  Since scarves are also a great spring accessory, the bargain on this one may be a bit harder to find. But soon enough, stores will have these stacked on the clearance rack as well.

Anything Faux Fur– Ya’ll know how much I love faux fur.  This is definitely a winter look. So, stores are more than ready to start shuffling this one off their floors.  Take advantage of their haste and stock up on this sale item.


Gloves & Other Winter Accessories- You name it hats, gloves, ear muffs, and so on.  These items are on the clearance rack now.  Even if you already have a set in your personal wardrobe, its always a good idea to pick up and replace these over worn items.  Though many of these items can be found even at the dollar store, you can also find more variety at department and other retail stores for similar prices.


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