Simple Fashion Moves to Clean Up Your Style

Women are always looking for ways to make sure their look is put together. But at times even I struggle to get all the pieces in place. But I discovered there are a few simple things that any lady can do to clean up their style and look more put together on a daily bases.


Tuck It- Tucking in your shirt can make a world of difference.  But make sure that you have enough fabric to secure your tuck and assure that your style stays in place all day.

 Belt It– Depending on the top a belt can be a great alternative to tucking it.  But a belt is also a great tool for tidying up a lose dress or blazer as well

Crisp Cuffs- Though it seems like an ancient tool for many, using an iron to create strong cuffs in both your shirt sleeves, shorts, or pant creates a very crisp and clean look.


 Fit It-Make sure your clothing fits well. If for some reason its too big, or a bit too small tailor it to fit your frame properly.

 Buy Quality– Focus on buying well-constructed and quality clothing. As much as you can, buy authentic/natural fabrics or very close imitations. Look for items that are stitched well and have some durability.  You don’t have to pay a lot. You can even find these items in the thrift store. The quality of your clothing can change the overall look of your style.

 Dress Head to Toe- Don’t slack off. Dress your entire body from head to toe. Do your hair, make up, put your clothing and accessories together.  Don’t neglect any part of yourself.



Clean Up-Make sure every is tidy and clean. Stains ad dirt are not envied accessories.  Examine your clothing ahead of time to assure your clean and orderly.


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