Favorite Finds Under $20!


 The great thing about thrifting is finding great fashion deals. One of the disadvantages is typically there’s only one of each great find. But everyone has their own fashion style and items for your style can be found in a local thrift store. I have found a number of great thrift deals in stores that have been suggested by friends, family and co-workers. So, as I celebrate my finds, be encouraged that you can also achieve thrifting success for less than $20! These are some of my thrift favorites.


This shirt is definitely one of my favorites.  I love, love, love vintage and this one came straight out of someone’s 70’s trunk. 


 Store: Salvation Army

Cost: $2.00










This rainbow printed, pleated skirt is the bottom half of a two piece purchase. But I thought both would be perfect for spring. (worn separately of course) 



 Store: Thrift Town

Cost: $2.00 ($4.00 total for set)









This skirt though!  I almost have no words. I knew right away it was a must have.  I actually acquired this one through a diva auction. That’s right. So, as you know it was FREE!

Store: Diva Auction…My living Room 

Cost: FREE

*Click link to learn more about diva auctions: 








Simple style is my best friend. I love when I’m able to find a fashion item that doesn’t need much help to be perfect.  All I had to do was add earrings and BOOM! Great thrift style.

Store: Thrift Town

Cost: $3.00












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