Beauty Blender Bargain?

I have been trying to start taking more interest in my make up routine. So, I went shopping for the right tools to get me started. Being the thrift shopper I am I found beauty blenders for only $1.00! But take a look at the results.
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My Fashion Future

Recently turning another year older and taking a closer step to 40. But as I age and I develop a new appreciation for my womanly curves I wonder what my next fashion step should be. Though I still hold close to my youthful features I know that I cannot hold on to every youthful trend […]

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Get your walk right!

Walking the catwalk is not as easy as it may seem. With a large crowd looking on you may forget exactly what you should do. Here some things to practice, work on, and remember for your runway walk. Make sure you:-Can walk in your heels- With no wabbles! Have a strong runway walk that exudes […]

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