The Beat

I’ve been on Youtube trying to stay current with make-up trends, styles, techniques. To tell the truth I’m still trying to figure a few things out. But many of the tutorials have been very useful and have helped with beating (beautifying) my face and even when assisting with model preparations.  Unlike many of the Youtube […]

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Coping with My Issues

  Life is not pretty. Its full of up’s and downs. I’ve had the opportunity to be a recipient of both. However, I’ve been blessed to overcome many of my life’s obstacles but there are some I’m still working on. Though I have not arrived at a place of full healing, I am on my […]

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Bras, Panties, & Spanx Oh My!

What you wear under your clothing is just as important as the clothes on top.  Undergarments serve as a foundation for great style. Having the appropriate items in the appropriate styles, colors, and shapes will improve the look of your personal style.  Body Shaper-As I get older and my body changes, I’ve come to realize […]

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